Brett Jackson Bettinsoli Review

I just purchased two Bettinsoli shotguns And took the 12g out for the first time over the weekend to shoot skeet. Nervous as hell shooting a gun for the first time I was able to score 24 out of 25 for two rounds. I believe the gun fits and had no troubles at all . The guys all wanted to check it out , you all know how us clays guys our. I also let a couple of guys shoot it. For a moment in time I thought I was this big time Bettinsoli rep L.O.l I have to say all of it made my choice to purchasing 2 Bettinsoli shotguns was put to rest. The guys loved the gun. In short I took a chance buying a gun not so we’ll known in the USA but very well known in the UK I’m here to tell you look out it’s just a matter of time before you own one.
Brett Jackson
Bettinsoli USA
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